Amazon Health Products is a Peruvian company that understands the importance of living healthy, balanced and natural lifestyles. As such, we believe that given a fair and sustainable approach, the Amazon rainforest and Andean valleys can unfold themselves as a great source of knowledge, wisdom and resources for the world to benefit from. We run a socially and environmentally responsible operation of organic plantations and a quality-controlled manufacturing process as a means of providing high value natural, healthy products from the Amazon to worldwide consumers.

At Amazon Health Products we follow the principles of Bio Trade including the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, the fair distribution of benefits, and socio economic sustainability. We have developed agreements with associations of local producers in different regions of Peru, to source the raw sacha inchi seeds, assuring them with fair prices and a stable demand. Our team of specialists provides local farmers with technical workshops, seeds for planting, and post harvesting tools. In most cases we involve the local authorities to serve as platforms for establishing agreements with local farmers..

We are vertically integrated in our operations with our products. From our own plantations and over 900 farmer families we work with in the Amazon to our processing site, non-GMO, gluten free, HACCP certified by NSF and accredited by Control Union for organic NOP and EU. We are directly involved in all stages of production to guarantee provision and quality competitively. Our facility is conveniently located in Lima, 15 miles away from Callao┬┤s port one of the most important ports in South America.


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